The Binfield Club Renewals 2021



2020 has been an unprecedented year with many highs and lows, and as we speak, we are currently back in Tier 4 lockdown.  One thing we have seen in 2020 was the full support of our members with the new processes and standards in place.  We have endeavoured to ensure our members are kept safe and enjoy the club’s amenities when we were able to open.



We are now ready to accept membership renewals via our new online system with payment services provided by PayPal.  This new system will make renewals so much easier and quicker and remove the need for any physical contact.  This new system also means that it will be even easier to renew your membership in future years once you are registered.



We do encourage every member to renew online. Still, if you are unable to complete the renewal online for any reason, there will be renewal membership forms available from the front of the club door from the 4th January 2021 which can be posted with a cheque made payable to The Binfield Club.



Every new member to renew by 1st February 2021 will receive one free drink when we reopen (subject conditions).



We were unable to conduct an AGM in 2020 and look forward to holding one as soon as possible in 2021 as is physically possible. 



We would like to thanks our members and wish them a happy New Year and look forward to welcoming you back soon.



The Binfield Club Committee