Darts Tournament Sept 2023

Friendly Darts Tournament on Saturday 30th September from 6pm onwards

An exciting and fun night of darts for Everyone, from those who have never thrown a dart before to potential World Champions.


The aim is to highlight the sport of Darts and particularly disability darts. We have recently installed Flexiboard dartboards, that enable the boards to be easily lowered to the official wheelchair height and raised back to the standard height, allowing all to compete equally. We hope all who play, or just come to watch, will enjoy the experience and help raise some money for charity.


The tournament will be a Pairs Knockout event in which one member of each team will throw the darts whilst sitting in a wheelchair. (you don’t have to be disabled to throw from a wheelchair, just adventurous)


The entry fee is just £5 per person, all of which be going to charity. Registration is now open and will close on Friday 23rd September. The draw will be made as soon as registration is closed. You can enter as a pair or as a single (we can match you with someone faster than Tinder!!).


Once the draw is made you can spend the week coming up with a good / funny name for your team, there maybe a prize on the night !!!


To enter please contact David Knight in person or by email at The Binfield Club


Tournament Rules

Pairs ( or more if organisers decide ) competition, 1st round will be best of 3 legs of 501, double to finish, winner proceeds to next round, and so on until the Final. Succeeding rounds may be longer format depend on timings.


Players/Teams will only be registered after entry fee is paid to the Organiser on the night.


Each game will be scored by one of the losers of the previous game.  Scorer should take the result to the Tournament Organiser after completion


Each game will be started by the team winning the nearest the bull dart , either player can throw in this. That team then throws first in the odd numbered legs


If a leg goes on too long (at the discretion of the Marker) the leg will be settled by 4 players throwing 1 dart each at the bull.


All Tournament rules and playing conditions will be communicated at the start of the tournament and Questions can be asked through the tournament if anything is not clear

The tournament committee will have the final say on any issues whether they are right or wrong