Daniel Gilbert Grimsby Fish

I am coming to your local area every Thursday 14:30 – 15:30 I am going to be in the Car park of the Binfield Club each week with a fantastic range of fish onboard – I have most fish on the van each week barring lobster & Squid these are orders only.
You can order in advance already for collection on the day, also if the fish is not on my price list please just ask as I do take more fish like Turbot – Brill – John dory these are not on my price list yet’ Also ordering in advance does speed up the queue on the day.
I operate at Wokingham market each Friday and Winchester every Saturday along with other pitches like this one in Berkshire and Hampshire.
All prices on based on PER KG OR price as a whole or a side etc, on the day it will cost whatever you wish to spend, All prices go on weight on the scales – Also ALL Fish is fresh that morning and all wild NOT farmed.  
Please feel free to contact me at any time on 07838159567

Price List

Salmon –  £ 22.00 kg 

Sea Trout – £ 23.00 kg 

Halibut – £30.00 kg 

Sword Fish – £30.00 kg 

Tuna – £30.00 kg

Sea Bass Fillet – £26 kg 

Sea Bream – £23.00 kg 

Skate – £16.00 kg 

Plaice – £19.00 kg 

Lemon sole – £24.00 kg 

Dover sole – £30.00 kg 

Mackrael fillets – £16.00 kg 

Hake – £19.00 kg 

Cod – £19.00 kg 

Cod Loin – £21.00 kg 

Haddock – £19.00 kg 

Smoked Haddock- £19.00 kg 

Monk Fish – £30.00 kg 

Hot smoked Salmon – £26.00 kg

Peppered Mackreal – £17.00 kg 

Natural Smoked Mackreal – £17.00 

Natural Smoked Kippers – £17.00 kg 

Scallops Fresh – £35.00 kg 

Dressed Crab – £5.00 each 

Whole Crab – £15.00 kg 

Assorted Pattess – £4.50 each 

Prawns cooked and peeled – £25.00kg 

King prawns – £25.00 kg 

Shell on crouvettes – £26.00 kg 

Mussells – £10.00 kg 

Whelks – £15.00 kg 

Daniel Gilberts Fish cakes – £1.00 each 

Daniel Gilbert Fish pie mix £15 



The list is endless if you require any lovely Fresh Grimsby Fish please contact me for Free Home Delivery on 07403026150