Binfield Club – Bar Operating Procedures

Before Your Shift Starts

  • Ensure you have eaten a meal before your shift starts.
  • Dress code: Smart casual, clean, ironed clothes: no hats,. The club can provide polo shirts/t-shirts if required.
  • Personal belongings are to be stored on the hangers behind the cellar door, not behind the bar.
  • Prepare a packed lunch if required.
  • Arrive promptly and be ready to start work at the shift start time.

During Your Shift

Bar Opening

  • Attach nozzles to beer pumps. Be aware that the John Smiths and Guinness have special nozzles (you can tell by looking into them, normal ones are hollow).
  • Stock ice containers.
  • Prepare fresh fruit.
  • Ensure fridges have been replenished with stock the night before.
  • Ensure the bar area is tidy and clean.
  • Wipe down the bar and pumps, setup bar mats.


During Operations

  • Once a drip tray is full, please dispose of it and ensure to record it in the waste book. (small drip tray is half a pint and large is 1 pint).
  • Once a table is vacated, wipe down and rearrange chairs. Supply fresh beer mats.
  • When two people are working and, when possible, ensure the bottles have been taken to the bottle bank, and all rubbish is disposed of from the previous evening.
  • Breaks are important, and you are entitled to 40 mins of paid breaks if you work more than 6 hours a day. These are made up of two 10 minute breaks and one 20 minute break to be agreed with the staff working during that day.  No breaks to be taken during our busiest time from 16:00 to 19:00 each day.
  • No eating behind the bar. Not only are there Health & Safety implications it also looks unprofessional.  Please either use the coffee area or outside for breaks.
  • Please wash hands after returning from any break.
  • Any drinks bought from a customer should be printed on a receipt and the customer’s name recorded on the top of the receipt.
  • Cash tips need to settled the same day, and a petty cash slip needs to be added to the till drawer.
  • No drinking alcohol during shift.
  • Keep the bar area generally clean. Wipe down bar and replace mats if needed. Mop the floor if it becomes too wet or sticky.


Bar Closing

  • Check spirit optics to see if any bottles need replacing.
  • Stock up fridges with new stock and pay attention to dates and stock rotation.
  • Empty rubbish and put a new sack in the bin. Leave rubbish at the cellar back door.
  • Empty bottle bins and replace sack, place bottles in blue glass bin, please be careful not to smash bottles.
  • Wipe down bar area.
  • Wipe down the lower bar area and under the pumps.
  • Ensure all glasses are collected and washed, and returned to their shelves.
  • Ensure drip trays are emptied and washed.
  • Dispose of any unused ice.
  • Store any unused fruit in the bottle fridge. Wash chopping boards, knives and tongs.
  • Sweep and mop behind the bar area.


Weekly & Monthly

  • TBD

Team Meetings

You may be asked to attend a team meeting. This meeting will be renumerated, and you will be given 1-week notice of the time and date.