24th September Covid-19 Update

Firstly, The Committee would like to thank everybody who has provided patronage to the club since we reopened, it has been great to see so many kind and friendly faces.  Also, we would like to thank our tireless team who have been remarkable in dealing with the new ways we have to conduct business. 


As promised when we reopened on the 3rd July, we stated that we would let you know if there was any change to our policies and procedures at The Binfield Club.  We were hoping to be writing to let you know we would be relaxing the Covid-19 restrictions; however, due to the Government guidance, we must add further constraints to comply with the new laws.


Please see below:


Opening Times: We will maintain our 20:00 closing times and now also include Thursdays.  Under the new Government laws, we must close by 22:00 on Friday and Saturday.  This means last orders will be 21:15 and every customer must leave the premises, including the outside seating by 22:00.  No drinks will be allowed outside after 21:15 on these days.


New Opening Times:

Monday – Thursday        11:00 – 20:00

Friday – Saturday             11:00 – 22:00

Sunday                                12:00 – 20:00


Masks: All members and visitors must wear a face mask when moving around the club for example when they go to the toilet, playing pool, using the fruit machines and entering or leaving the club.  The rule of thumb is, if you are on your feet, you will need to wear a mask.  We will have masks for customers on request. 


Staff will also have to wear masks behind the bar and also when serving or moving around the club.  We have provided disposable masks and visors to staff.  Gloves are offered to staff but are not mandatory. 


Exemptions apply to children under the age of 11 and adults with some medical conditions.


Table Service: We are now instructed by the Government to offer table service only.  We have hired new staff to help with this, and a staff member will come to your table to take your order and bring back your order when ready.  Initially, please stay seated and indicate to a member of staff visually to gain their attention.  If you are seated outside or feel you can not be seen, please call the bar on 01344 420690.  We are looking at implementing a text SMS service in the near future.  Under no circumstances will orders be taken at the bar or orders shouted across the club.


Payment:  We would prefer contactless payment but we continue to take cash.


Snooker / Pool: Snooker and pool tables remain open but face masks will be required when playing.  Please ensure all apparatus are wiped down with wipes provided at the end of your game.


Fruit Machines: Fruit machines remain open, but you will require a mask when using the machines, please clean the machines before playing with the wipes provided.


Maximum Table Occupancy: Maximum permitted size of any group around a table is six, whether inside or outside.  Customers must remain seated, whether inside or outside.  Furniture must not be moved, as it has been positioned for social distancing.  If a large group do congregate, then they will be asked to disperse to other tables in groups of six.


Children: The club has always been family-friendly and always will be.  We welcome well-behaved children with an adult.  All children must remain seated with an adult.  Children should be accompanied to the toilet with a suitable adult.


Social Distancing: Please respect social distancing at all times on the premises, please keep at least 1m from all other customers when moving around the club.  Give way when entering the toilets and wait outside the toilet if there are more than two people already using the facilities.


Track and Trace:  We will continue to rely on our member fob system for track and trace so you must still have your fob with you at all times.  We will also be supplying a QR code in the lobby for the new NHS Covid-19 Track & Trace app which will provide contact tracing, local area alerts and venue check-in and we encourage members and visitors to also use this service.


Function Room Bookings: All ceremonies and receptions will now be a maximum of 15 people and in maximum groups of 6 people.  There is an exemption for funerals which is 30 people in groups of 6.


Sanitisers:  Hand sanitisers are available on entry to the club and also in the toilets. 


These guidelines are now based in law with fines up to £10,000.  We are sure all of our members and visitors will comply with these guidelines, but any person flouting the guidelines will be given a verbal warning and asked to leave the club, further transgressions could result in a permanent ban.  All of The Committee fully supports this.


We welcome all members and visitors to enjoy the facilities of The Binfield Club safely and to ensure we do not go back to another complete lockdown and to help defeat the Covid-19 Pandemic. 


Our priority is to ensure all staff, members and visitors can continue to experience a safe and enjoyable visit.


Any questions or concerns, please email us on binfieldclub@gmail.com or call the Secretary on 01344 420572.


Thank you!