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    Following in the footsteps of Alexander Pope, Binfield's most accomplished man-of-letters, the residents of Binfield started the Club, during the 1870s, as a Reading Room to promote education, encourage discussion and learning, develop and encourage participation as well as self-help and community guidance and provide a resource to entertain and stimulate the community.

    Today the Binfield Club still has these aims in mind and offers a first-class free online resource for education, learning, advice, and help supported by a huge library among other things, all of which are aimed at delivering those original life-changing measures: All members and visitors, no matter where they are, can take advantage of this gold-mine of POTENTIALLY LIFE-CHANGING knowledge and tuition, with absolutely no charge: of course if you find the resources of real value to you and and can afford to pay something towards ensuring that the sites remain available then do contribute whatever you can. These valuable resources mean that you can get not only truly valuable knowledge, tuition and genuine help in a vast number of areas but also receive a truly first-class University Education by some of the best teachers in the world, including the Great Physicist Richard Feynman: all essentially provided for free, and in your own time and at your own leisure and pace. You can even become a Citizen Scientist helping Scientists from around the World analyse the unknown by taking part in the Zooniverse Projects whenever you can afford the time! Go on! You know you can do it! Just start the show on the road by clicking on the links below: UCANHELPSCIENCE, BRAINTRAIN, PHYSICS4UBYTHEBEST, LEARN4FREE, and IMPROVE'UR'LIFE- or if you prefer you can also use the buttons on our HOMEPAGE.

    You could save yourself what would be an absolute fortune in University Fees by any other route. It should be realised that the courses available are absolutely first class and both the tuition and the lecture notes are totally free and provided by top-notch Universities. Additionally, a few of the courses will even provide Certificates if you register, take the course and pass the exams. Within this gold-mine you will find really fantastic courses from the likes of Stanford University, Massachussets Institute of Technology (better known as MIT), Harvard and Yale as well as a whole range of excellent online material to challenge you and open your mind to another world! But even if you if do not want to change your career but perhaps would still like to be involved in cutting edge science at your own pace and in your own time you can do that too.

    Since the 1870's the Binfield Club has maintained its position as a valuable resource to the area all around us. We want people to treat each other fairly and be treated fairly in return. We know that this does not always happen and when this is the case we believe that people should have access to free guidance when they really need it and our online links, for answers to a vast range of problems such as Debt, Work, Money, Housing, Benefits, Relationships, Legal and Tax issues as well as many other issues, provide this help. You can click here on GUIDANCE4PROBLEMS, FREELEGALINFO, MONEYHELPER and OFFICIALFACTS&HELP, if you need to get really helpful information on all of these issues or if you really need more than just helpful information and are looking for free face-to-face personal advice in the Berkshire area then you can click here on FACE2FACEHELP?, (or on the button for this on our 'HOMEPAGE' ).